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Products for welding fume extraction and occupational health and safety 

KEMPER welding fume extraction systems and extraction units stand for highest reliability and quality. The extraction of welding fumes from the surrounding air not only ensures clean air at the workplace, but also leads to greater employee satisfaction. KEMPER has been providing optimum safety and employee protection at the workplace for more than 40 years with a wide range of products from mobile extraction systems and smart filter units to effective room ventilation and tailor-made extraction solutions for the metalworking industry. Whether extraction solutions for one or more workplaces, as a mobile extraction unit or wall-mounted filter unit or as supporting hall ventilation – KEMPER has the right solution for every situation.

Awareness of employee health is on the rise and occupational health and safety remains one of the biggest growth areas in welding and cutting technology. From spot extraction to air pollution control concepts. We accompany you on your way to healthy employees, a positive employer image and into the future of safe welding.
Mobile Filter Units 
Stationary Extraction Systems
Central Extraction Systems
High-vacuum Extraction
General Ventilation Systems