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A South-African based company and a leading supplier of quality Welding and Fabrication equipment. Let us play a role in your next project.


AR Industrial is a 100% Black owned Level 1 BEE South-African based company and a leading supplier of quality Welding and Fabrication equipment. 

Since 2003 AR Industrial has excelled in becoming one of South Africa's leading Welding and Fabrication supply Companies.
Specializing in Welding Equipment, Engineering Tools, Power Tools, Abrasives, Safety Equipment,
Industrial Machinery & Mining support Equipment to the Construction, Manufacturing, Mining, Engineering, Shipbuilding

Fabrication, Petro-Chemical, Rail, Oil & Gas and Power Generation industries. 
Our goal from the very beginning, present and future is to deliver quality products with competitive prices,
while meeting customer demands at the highest industry standards.

What sets AR Industrial apart from the rest? Simply put…our employees.
Our entire staff is highly trained with over 30 years combined engineering experience.
The AR Industrial team is a powerful and motivated combination of a highly knowledgeable outside sales group
with an inside sales staff that offers excellent in-house technical support in the engineering, construction
& welding industry. Teaming technical expertise with superior service, it is our mission to achieve complete customer
satisfaction while delivering quality products, both standard and specialised, at competitive prices from reliable
sources in an expedient manner. From the D-I-Y enthusiast to the largest contractor; our friendly sales staff will make
sure you get the right tools to get the job done!

AR Industrial has become an industry leader, not only by applying standards of unsurpassed quality and the equipment
we source, but also by applying those high standards to all aspects of our business. The service and support we
provide comes at the highest level and only our many years of combined experience means the advice we offer holds real value.
AR Industrial continues to be your Welding & industrial supplier serving Gauteng and beyond.


Our knowledgeable associates truly care about our customers and understand their business. We have the technical skills to meet the unique needs of our customers and to resolve their toughest problems quickly and efficiently. We go above and beyond to serve our customers, and we guide them with the utmost integrity and professionalism.

Together, our associates leverage our industry expertise, combined strength and best practices to solidify our position as an integral link in the supply chain. From offering services that improve operational efficiency to adding new business platforms and delivering leading-edge products.

AR Industrial is the trusted partner our customers can depend on to do what it takes to help ensure the success of their business.


AR Industrial is a 100% BEE Company we aim to create job opportunities in previously disadvantaged communities.

That means that being a Level 1 BEE company certainly deepens our transformational role in South Africa.

 In addition, we’re thrilled that our rating also improves the competitiveness of our clients and suppliers. Indeed, it offers benefits to everyone in our supply chain both financially and in terms of increasing their own BEE scores.

 We are also serious about being part of the transformation of South Africa. Our new BEE status is a very clear demonstration of our commitment to our country and, in turn, demonstrates the commitment of the clients and suppliers who seek out Level 1 business partners.


Our offering includes welding solutions - intelligent equipment, welding management software and expert services



Leading manufacturer of magnetic drilling machines and annular cutters across the world and number one in Germany.



Pioneer and a leader in technology in the field of welding smoke & dust extraction.






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AR Industrial Head Office
35 Roma Close
Cosmo Business Park
Malibongwe Drive
Kya Sands, Johannesburg
South Africa, 2162
AR Industrial Sales Office
9 & 10b Ohm Industrial Park
Ohm Street
Kya Sands, Johannesburg
South Africa, 2162
(27) 11 708 6392

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