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The future of Welding is here
X8 MIG Welder
The most advanced Multi-process welding equipment on the market
Modular Welding Systems

The X8 MIG Welder covers it all, from synergic and pulsed MIG/MAG and stick (MMA)

welding to MIG brazing, cladding, and gouging. The intelligent equipment provides you with extremely precise control of the arc, high-duty welding performance up to 600 A,  and native connectivity with WeldEye welding management software.

Supreme usability based on actual user needs is engineered in every aspect of the

power source, wire feeder, welding guns, user interface, and other components.


X8 Control-Pad.png

Developed, designed and manufactured in Finland, the X8 MIG Welder introduces the digital WPS (dWPS) function, which improves quality control and renders the printed WPS unnecessary. With an upgradeable power source, a multi-voltage power supply option, and the wide range of Kemppi application software available, the X8 MIG Welder adapts easily to any welding environment and meets even the most extreme expectations of industrial welding.



  • Best arc characteristics for high performance austenitic stainless steels, aluminums and advanced high-strength steels

  • Precisely controlled, upgradeable welding current up to 600 A

  • Digital WPS feature allows the welder to quickly and easily access the WPSs

  • Innovatively designed wire feeder ensures safe and ergonomic loading of filler wire spool

  • Well-balanced welding guns with a detachable handle make welding more comfortable

  • Wire feeder and welding gun lighting enable working in dimly lit conditions

  • Tool-free coolant filling with an integrated cooling unit

  • Includes a fleet management service free of charge

  • Native connectivity to WeldEye software modules Welding Procedure and Qualification ManagementWelding Quality Management and Welding Production Analysis




Wireless user interface

The X8 Control Pad is a wireless user interface for the X8 MIG Welder. It’s the most advanced, yet practical user interface for setting and adjusting parameters, control welding, and viewing WPS details.

Extreme Performance

Kemppi's Wise special processes and functions ensure optimal arc characteristics for whatever you are welding. The system's precise arc voltage measurement from the tip of the welding torch enhances the optimization of arc properties for challenging applications.

Supreme Usability

When comparing the X8 MIG Welder with standard MIG welding equipment, its usability aspects in terms of innovative and user-friendly wire feeder, wireless user interface for power source and digital WPS speed up the setup configuration easily by 30%.

My Fleet

My Fleet is a free-of-charge cloud service for X8 MIG Welder owners. It provides information on the equipment usage and software and includes the manufacturer's validation certificate for the first year. Log in to My Fleet if you already have a customer account for the service.

Reliable Wire Feed

The X8 MIG Welder's wire feed mechanism includes four filler wire drive rolls that drive the wire up to 25 m/min with even force. The feed rolls can be locked in the desired position with a single switch, which locks both feed roll pairs simultaneously and is easy to manipulate even with your gloves on.

Intergrated Cooling Unit

X8 Cooler allows easy and tool-free coolant filling up to 4 liters. It is quick and easy to assemble. As an optional part of the equipment setup, it can also be mounted to the power source afterward.


The WiseSteel welding function tackles challenges related to globular transfer. This is achieved by alternating short arc transfer with spray transfer, which reduces spatter by up to 30%, increases travel speed, and produces high-quality welds characterized by regular fish-scale pattern.

Always the right parameters

Adjusting the parameters with X8 MIG Welder’s Control Pad leaves you more time for welding. When the digital WPS (dWPS) is selected via WeldEye welding management software, the power source is automatically set up according to the limits presented in the WPS.

Changing the wire spool

X8 Wire Feeder's ergonomic top-loading design allows the lifting of the wire spool in a single motion without putting strain on the welder's back. The unit's structure also prevents the wire spool from falling out to ensure safe loading.

Wire feeder cabinet lighting

X8 Wire Feeder's spool compartment and wire feed rolls are equipped with convenient lighting that ensures great visibility while loading the wire spool or tracking wire consumption through the compartment window in dimly lit work environments.

Sturdy rotating plate

The X8 Wire Feeder mounts effortlessly on the rotating plate right above the power source. The plate rotates 180 degrees and can be locked in different positions. The quick release fasteners on the base secure the wire feed unit in place and prevent any unintentional motion.

Redefine Welding Managment

The X8 MIG Welder features native connectivity to WeldEye software which enables the utilization of the equipment's digital WPS function. In addition, the Control Pad acts as a reading device that collects fabrication information for verifying WPS compliance and analyzing welding productivity.

Precise Arc Ignition

X8 MIG Gun's disturbance-free arc ignition provides a smooth weld face with proper penetration. The stable arc causes virtually no spatter thus making post-weld grinding unnecessary.

Extend your work area

X8 Counterbalance Arm's several stepless adjustment options give you the chance to set the wire feeder and welding gun cable just the way you want so you can focus on welding.

X8 Gun remote control

Welding parameter setting is made easy with X8 Gun Remote Control. The bright and clear LED display provides a crisp view to manage the welding parameters, memory channels and WPSs.

Kinetic spool brake

X8 Wire Feeder's optional wire tensioning feature keeps wire feed steady in when tacking, welding with double pulse or high wire feed speed. It also prevents the wire from loosening when welding with heavy spools.

Touch Sense Ignition

X8 MIG Welder’s Touch Sense Ignition (TSI) uses wire retraction to make the arc ignition as smooth and precise as possible. TSI delivers minimum spatter and stabilizes the arc immediately after the ignition.

X8 Power Sources

The X8 Power Sources have excellent tolerance of supply voltage fluctuations and can be used with generators. The multi-voltage versions are suitable for the most common electrical network voltages.

Intelligent Narrow Gap Welding RGT

Reducing the groove angle can add significantly to the efficiency and productivity of welding of heavy metal structures. Reduced Gap Technology (RGT) allows reliable and efficient narrow gap welding with no need for special equipment or accessories for material thicknesses of up to 30 mm.

X8 SuperSnake for distance welding

A new generation subfeeder that combines the benefits of the original SuperSnake subfeeder with the X8 MIG Welder’s modern technology. Extends regular reach with up to 25 meters.

Compatible with X8 Wire Feeders and X8 MIG Guns.



Contact your sales manager for your demo or more information.

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